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Best Rated Texas Law Firm

Representation & advisory for criminal law, probate, and personal injury

L.V. Richardson Law firm is a premier full-service law firm that has earned a solid reputation for client representation and complex litigation across the state of Texas.

Criminal Law Probate Personal Injury
Criminal Law
Criminal Law
Serving as your personal advocate at every phase of the trial process
Probate Law
Probate Law
Allowing you to grieve & heal, while we review estates, wills, & other options
Personal Injury
Personal Injury
Working with you to ensure losses are recovered, and you’re represented!
Client-Focused Law Office

Understanding the core of how we work

Committed to implementing our values with a strategic plan

Engrained in Who We Are

Fostering trustworthiness with each client

We pride ourselves in building a relationships that are solid, but also comfortable even with complex work, so we can work better as a team.

Taking the time to get to know you and your case
All case details are confidential
Being transparent about what you need to know
Always here to answer questions you may have

Vested in Our Approach

Developing proprietary options

How we work is ensuring there’s a roadmap so you know what to expect, plus differentiating strategies for you and your case

Allowing you to understand the process
Working with you as we review all options
Ensuring what we do is efficiently planned
Every approach is fine tune and tailored for each case

Experience coupled with Expertise

We pride ourselves on results

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve managed high priority cases and have navigated the legal landscape achieving wins for tons of clients

Subject matter experts that deliver
Rendering access to any additional resources we need
Dedicated to each case to find solutions
Changing the way clients understand law

Proudly Serving

Looking forward to speaking with you

We understand contacting a lawyer can invoke a mix of emotions. We promise to make the process as seamless and transparent as possible.
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