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Probate Law

When you’re mourning a loved one, figuring out what to do with their property can be tricky, but we’re here to help. For estate law clients, we start off with a first determination. If there is a will, we then work with the executor to administrate the closing of the estate. In cases where there is no will, heirs will be determined by the court; if need be, an independent administrator is appointed.

Determinations of Heirship

Identities the decedent’s heirs and, if desired, allows an administrator to be appointed to administer the estate

Will Probate

We can help you challenge a will or trust you believe to be invalid, or help defend a challenge.

Trust Litigation

We can help settle or litigate any disputes that arise regarding trusts, whether revocable or irrevocable.

Estate Litigation

We can help settle or litigate any estate disputes that arise regarding wills or when someone dies without a will.


We can help you protect an incapacitated loved one by securing a conservatorship, or by defending an unwarranted claim.